Hey ho!

Welcome to! Just to sound knowledgeable and cool, I am going to throw a bunch of fancy fad words to describe myself.

Financial independence

First of all, I want to become financially independent and attain financial freedom as soon as possible. For this, I am currently saving as much as I can and investing this in a low-cost well diversified index funds. I wish I had started out this journey much earlier. I wish there was someone to guide me at the start of my journey. But there was nobody, and I struggled initially to piece together different information.

That was one motivation behind starting this blog. I want to motivate others to start considering investing and provide them with information that I wish I had when I started out.


I love travelling and the outdoors. After I reach financial freedom, I hope to travel and see the big wide world. But in the meantime, I also travel frugally to the places I can. Europe, in general, is an amazing place for travelling. I would like to share some travel tips that I gather.

Smart tips

I also tend to share some nuggets of wisdom that I pick up from books, or that I have personally learned in my journey.

I am so excited to share this with all of you.
Thanks for reading!



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