Biking from Munich to Regensburg

Adithyan Ilangovan 5 min read

Note : Actually we did this tour a year back in Summer.

Me and my friends did a bike tour from Munich to Regensburg. It was beautiful.

You bike along the two biggest rivers in germany : Donau and Isar. I would like to share the plan so that you could bike this beauty as well.

Route :

We had only two days, so we took the S-Bahn until Freising (one end of munich) and started our journey from there. If you have more time, you could start from the center of munich.
The route in general looks like this.

You could use GPS to follow this path. But Hey! who needs a GPS in germany, where every nook and crook is properly marked.

We simply followed the clearly marked out bike paths (by BayernNetz fur Radler). These are specifically meant for bikes and are well maintained. They are supposed to take you through the most scenic paths. So I would suggest you to take this, rather than the ones recommended by Google maps (although the google path is shorter). The signboards will always be a constant companion throughout your journey, so don’t worry about getting lost. I am attaching the map I got from BayernNetz fur Radler  and I am also marking out the path you would have to follow (you could go to the website, type in your address and they deliver the map for free to your home, Germans are rich and generous you see) :

The paths recommended by Bayernetz Fur Radler. I have marked the path you would have to follow in YELLOW. RED dots indicate change of Radwegs. The number of kms you would have to travel in a given radweg is also given, for example AbensRadweg is 50kms.

You will no problem following this path. But just remember these two things:

1. When you are out of S-Bahn of Freising, exit out onto the platform which has the McDonalds in it. From there you would see a signboard pointing to Isarradweg. Take this and after sometime you would see a signboard pointing towards Moosburg, take this. After this part, I think it is fairly easy to follow the boards.

2. Remember to always switch the Radwegs at the red dots (see Figure). For example, if you keep following the AbesnRadweg it will take you somewhere else, you would have to switch the Radwegs at some point. You will see clearly marked boards when the paths are diverging, so dont worry,  always look out for them.

Difficulty level :

The first 11 kms until moosburg is by the isar river, so it is fairly flat, easy peasy lemon squeezy.

The next 64 kms (50kms of AbensRadweg + 14 kms of Radweg-Kelheim) is probably the most interesting one. The paths are always going up & down. You toil up until the highest point, and there you get splendid view of the towns and the fields nearby. Then from the peak you go whizzing down for a km or two. And this up-splendid-view and down-whizzing-yay keeps repeating for 64 kms. You ll have fun.

The last 28 kms (Donauradweg) is by the Donau river, so again completely flat.

Accommodation and food:

We did this tour in two days. On the first day we drove about 75 kms till kelheim. Then we stayed the night in this awesome place called Camping am Bauernhof in Kelheim.  You carry your own sleeping bag and sleep in straw mat. If you have not tried it before, I would definitely recommend this.  You just pay 7 euros for the night. This includes the restroom and other facilities. If you don’t want to carry your sleeping bag, then you can sleep in the usual mattress . But that is slightly expensive. Check the following link for more details :

Camping am Bauernhof in Kelheim

Usually, you do not have to reserve. But just call them up before to let them know that you are coming.

Sleep in straw. You have to carry your own sleeping bag, put on top of straw and go to heavenly sleeeeep…zzzzzz….

About the food, we carried enough food to last until the first day evening. We made breaks and ate along the way, while enjoying the awesome view. The first day night, we ate in the camping place. Its not like a restaurant. The camp is owned by a old couple, and you could request the lady to cook for you. They charge your very less. The lady cooks awesome food. I ordered 2 omelette and salad for 4.5 euros, I  never knew omelette could be made so tasty ;). Also, if possible try the local beer in the camping place. The next day morning, we took the breakfast buffet for 6 euros. Plenty of food and I stuffed myself so much that I dint feel hungry till the evening. You do not have much options to choose your food in the camp. But still I would recommend to buy in the camp, rather than eating outside.

We left the second morning to Regensburg from the camping place. We covered the distance in three hours. Regensburg is a beautiful city, one of the few not to be destroyed during the world war. You would find plenty of links in google on what to do in Regensburg.  Since, you have your cycle it will be easier to cover this small city. I would recommend a half a day to see around the city. Plenty of narrow cobbled lanes, beautiful churches, quaint little buildings. There is this historical curry wurst place by the river, where they have been serving wurst for thousand of years in the same building, in the same old fashion. Mr. Vivin being a wursty fan, was naturally excited. After spending time in Regensburg, we took the train back to Munich. On the whole, we spent 35 euros that includes food, accommodation and the train ticket back to Munich.

Closing words:

If you have a free weekend and you love to bike around, then do this tour. The Donau and Isar river are huge, maybe in summer you could jump in for a swim. The bike path is beautiful. Regensburg is a charming old little city. You will have fun I promise. Interested in more details, leave me a comment and I would be happy to respond. I am attaching a short video our trip

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