My finanical goals

Future-self continuity

I read this concept  of “future-self continuity” from a book on Willpower challenge. It was a physiological study researched by a Professor in New York University. The study essentially says that clearly imagining your future self can increase your present self’s willpower. When you picture the future vividly, the brain begins to think more concretely about the consequences of your present choices.

Hence in this page, I will essentially layout my future self. This will help me steer my present choices.

End of 2017 goals

  1. Maintain a savings rate of 70% or more every month.
    1. I will keep updating this page after every month about my savings rate.
  2. Invest the saved money regularly in Index funds.
    1. I will post my portfolio performance.
  3. Keep educating myself financially. Read at least two more books on Investments. 
  4. Share my knowledge to others. Post at least 2 posts per month on finance.
  5. Optional : Look ways for making secondary sources of income.

End of 2020 goals

  1. Maintain a savings rate of 50% or more every month.
  2. Investigate the potential of real estate investments.
  3. Reduces annual expense by 20% when compared to 2019.
  4. Reach 50% of the early retirement goal.



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