My portfolio performance

In this page, I will keep updating my stock portfolio performance every month.

Few words

Investing done right is a boring job. You keep investing money and forget about they day-to-day or even month-to-month performance. Honestly, you get an exact picture of the return of a portfolio only when it is viewed over a very long time (> 5 years in my opinion). Hence, in conclusion it is pointless to look at investment returns every month. 

Nevertheless, I wanted to just show my portfolio returns here for the sake of transparency.  I want to show my readers that my money is where my mouth is.  

My portfolio

I started investing precisely from 06/08/2015. Initially, I did the novice mistake of thinking that I could look at the market and pick under-valued index funds. I picked DAX 30. Although, my fund was doing well  I realized this is the wrong approach. I realized I should pick a simple portfolio and stick with it for years.

Nowadays, I try to hold a simple portfolio:

  • MSCI WORLD – 60%
  • MSCI EM – 30%
  • STOXX 600 – 10%

I re-balance my portfolio once a year.

My returns

Note : Remember that although now my portfolio looks like mentioned above. There was a lot of selling and buying in this time period (which I wish I had not done). From now, I will stick with the above portfolio allocation.

My returns so far:



How far am I from finish line?

I have finished 16% of my journey. How did arrive at this numbers? For the answer, see this : When can I attain financial independence?



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