Smart financial tips

Welcome to my blog on smart financial tips. Here, I share financial tips that I wish I had known when I started out my financial journey. Hopefully, this is of help to you. Let’s give the brain of yours some financial workout.

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  1. What is this blog about?

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  1. Why you should start investing?
  2. When can I attain financial independence?
  3. Theory of investing Part 1: Stocks and Bonds
  4. The only investment guide that you need to read : Index funds
  5. What type of investor are you : Defensive or Enterprising?
  6. Start investing : where, what and how?
  7. Investing in stocks : To wait or not to wait

Get inspired

  1. My financial goals
  2. My portfolio performance
  3. 5 year of FI journey : An update in numbers
  4. Five Lesson from Five years of FI


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