What is "smart finance tips" all about?

Adithyan Ilangovan 2 min read

Nobody talks about money

Given that a good part of our life revolves around money, it is a surprising fact that we rarely spend time talking or thinking about it.

We work out in gym to keep ourselves  physically fit. But, majority of us rarely spend time to keep ourselves “financially fit”.

We don’t spend time in “finance gym”.

We have an interesting discussion with friends about variety of topics : politics, travel, science. But how often is that you find friends  animatedly talking about money? Almost never!

We rarely talk about money.

The reasons are that, in some cultures, it just tacky/taboo to talk about money.
“Hey! Why are you so money-minded/greedy they would say?

In many other cases, it just plain indifference towards the concept of money.
“Hey, I earn and I spend. What is there to think about it?”

What does this do to you?

Sadly, I realized late in my life that this frame of mind crutches us financially.
It deprives us wonderful opportunities to ease our lives financially.
Most of us don’t realize that by not talking/thinking about money, we self-impose financial crutches on our own!

We self-impose financial crutches .

Peeps, lets talk about money!

My hope in writing in this blog is that it helps readers realize about their self-imposed crutches.

Maybe, after reading this blog, it will inspire some to spend time in the “financial gym”.
Maybe, it will spark  interesting conversations about money the next time you meet your friends.

I would keep the language as simple as possible.
I would write this blog, as if I am talking about money to a friend in a relaxed quaint-little cafe.

I sincerely hope it is helpful and you enjoy it.
Lets hope your financially journey looks like this after reading this blog.

Your financial journey after you have acquired some knowledge (I promise to come up with a better picture than this).

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